I first came to yoga as an anxious teenager, joining my mum for a hatha class at the local leisure centre. I immediately felt the benefits, leaving class feeling much more grounded and connected to my body . After practicing throughout my teens and twenties, I decided to train as a teacher to deepen my knowledge and open up the possibility of sharing yoga with others.

I studied under Naomi Annand and Adam Hocke in 2019, whose compassionate approach to dynamic and restorative yoga has been hugely influential on my teaching style and self practice. With an interest in movement science, I also love finding more opportunities to build strength and work on mobility – so you’ll often find varations on poses and different movement explorations in my classes.

I really believe that yoga is for everyone and I’m passionate about making my classes accessible, always giving options so that students have the autonomy to make choices that feel right for them. My classes balance dynamic flow, mobility work, restorative postures, breathwork as well as the chance to work towards more challenging poses.


“I experience Aimee's teaching as coming from a place of real depth, and delivered with such gentle care and careful attention. I come away with a feeling of lightness as though I have received something precious.” K.

“Aimee brings a sense of calm to all of her classes, which I find helps me to slow down and not rush through postures. Her teaching has a lovely balance of practical instruction which helps me to focus on the small details, as well as moments of stillness to be calm and connect within.” Hannah.

“When we first got asked to stay in I thought, yes that’s fine I’ll find a yoga instructor on YouTube or some such media. Well I was unsuccessful in finding an instructor that offered that personal touch or that motivated me to continue with a regular practice. Then you came into my life. The benefits of your guidance twice weekly has been so beneficial to my mind and body.” Stephanie.

“Aimee exudes a sense of caring and kindness that flows into her yoga practice.  Her classes have enabled me to develop my postures, improve my practice and gain a better understanding of how yoga can enrich your everyday. Cannot recommend highly enough” Amanda

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